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The Lusby logo was designed by Lenard Cockman when we were business partners. Lenard and I worked together on PBNB and Jefferson Insurance.
Corporate identification is serious business. The symbol, the colors, the imagery send the viewing public a message.

The message can be clear, concise, meaningful and contributes to the organizations success or, sadly it can communicate nothing about the company or organization it represents.

A good logo is one in which the viewer upon seeing it the first time, says, " ... hey I get it!"

A bad logo is one which, upon being seen, begs the question, " ... what in the #*X#** does that mean?

We approach logo design like naming a new child. You're going to wear it proudly or use initials or a nickname to cover up the long-lived mistake.

We've designed hundreds of logos which we believe accurately portray the organization. In all cases, the client had the final say. Take a look at a few and see how many you recognize.

Joe Dempsey