Baton Rouge with a broken van. They keep fans updated at their family web site: Their email address is on their site. Give 'em an electronic holler. Buy a CD or two to help out. Click here to see the Willow photos above enlarged.
The Willow Family Band, French Quarter performers, are alive and well in
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We are under construction and will change like the wind. We are working on tee shirts, caps, etc. with the "Save your beads" graphic down and to the left. It is our intention to share any profits from this venture with performers and artists around Jackson Square who my need some help. This includes sales of copies of the photos from our on-line galleries. (top of this page)
Nawlinsbefore Dot Com is a site for those of us who look forward to New Orleans restoration. We love the imperfections. We love the smell. We simply love Nawlins. Our idea is to remember Nawlins as it was before Katrina – in hopes those remembrances will sooner than later be manifested in reality. After all, if you are in dire need of a Nawlins fix, there ain't anywhere else to get it.

The site will behave like an amoeba and assume the shape and condition appropriate for the time. Initially, I am posting some of my own images and comments. After a I set up some procedures, I'll accept comments and images from others.

You start to get a whiff of seafood here. Shot in April, 2005 through the windshield as we were about to exit to the Quarter in our annual pilgrimage as Volunteers in the French Quarter Fest.
Two of my drinkin' buddies in the decision mode. They're trying to decide wherein the FQ we will take the evening repast. Actually they ain't drinkin' buddies 'cause I swore off 14 years ago. Now, they're plain ol' garden variety buddies. Life goes on.
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