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Photo Manipulation Cedars
This luxPhoto Manipulation ury apartment building was digitally completed to support pre-opening promotion. The sky is totallly washed out in the location shot. The building was completed according construction plans. Several yet-to-be- installed components were digitally created including window frames and balcony railings. Grass in front of the building is from a golf course fairway (shot in its winter brown mode). The grass was shot with the same camera/lens setup to ensure proportional accuracy.
Several exposures were made in this garage due to drastic swings light levels in different sections of the scene. Properly exposed sections oPhoto Manipulation Bubbaf these images were combined to get an even exposure across the garage. Due to space restrictions, the tool box was shot in a different location. The clients product was shot in a studio setup. The images were combined to make a background for client product literature. The overall effect presents the product in the ambiance of its use. The agency also designed and produced the product label.
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Frequently, project image requirements mandate manipulation of images to meet client goals for appearance and effective delivery of the message.

By using this digital photo manipulation, many major project-strangling problems can be easily overcome.

Obstacles including weather delays, location, delivery or construction delays, absent people and a myriad of other production problems are easily overcome ... Including that one person in a group who is looking the wrong way or has his or her eyes closed

We provide this service in-house using Adobe Photoshop CS, the global standard for this process. The work is performed by Joe Dempsey, agency principal-owner

Dempsey uses a Wacom graphics tablet in this work. This device affords more precise imaging adjustments than the more widely used mouse arrangement.