The company has, in one form or another, been in continuous business since 1977 in Pine Bluff, Arkansas, when founder Joe Dempsey a writer, photographer and art director began providing free-lance services to clients on a part-time basis.

Demand for services grew and in December 1979, Dempsey incorporated the business as Marketplace Inc. He resigned his day job and opened for business January 2, 1980 with a handful of loyal clients.

In 1982 Dempsey and Little Rock financial marketing guru Randy Oates, based on flurry of conversations and numerous meetings after racing sailboats, forged a partnership and the company became Dempsey Oates Advertising. The company operated from two offices, Pine Bluff and Little Rock. Frequent agency principal meetings were conducted in the "Big Orange" in Redfield, Arkansas. Dempsey and Oates remain friends to this day.

In 1985, Dempsey Oates merged with Carroll and Associates and the company became Carroll Dempsey Oates. The partners were Dempsey, Oates, Gary Carroll and Lenard Cockman.

In the late eighties and early nineties, Oates and Carroll left the business and the company became Dempsey Cockman Advertising. In 2003, Dempsey and Cockman decided to amicably go their own ways. In January 2004, they did just that - which brings us to now. Cockman, a superb designer and art director, is a provider of free lance design and production and Dempsey is pursuing the advertising, marketing and public relations business as Joe Dempsey Communications.

The company, now Joe Dempsey Communications Co., provides turnkey services for concept, copy, design, and production of web sites, package design, point of purchase design, small catalogs, brochures, logos, outdoor advertising, radio, television, direct mail and other venues.

Dempsey's account experience includes manufacturing, aviation, industrial cleaning supplies, healthcare, church, entertainment, non-profit, education, capital fundraising, customer-loyalty services, banking and financial services, political candidates and insurance to mention a few. The company develops marketing plans including corporate identification and new product or service naming.

A company sub-specialty is political advertising, both for candidates and issues. The company provides candidates and issue clients a full measure of its services, or just the services the candidate or issue management want.

When Dempsey started in the business, X-Acto knives, rubber cement and drawing boards were the order of the day. Those items are now, for the most part, viewed as antiques. Without kicking and screaming, Dempsey made the transition to digital output and is now a full practitioner of the Adobe Creative Suite CS5 Premium.

But wait, there's more ... there's a second operation, Joe Dempsey Photo Dot Com which provides commercial photography including product, portrait, sports, aerial, nature, and documentary.

Our photos are showcased weekly at and on Dempsey's blog, Weekly Grist for the Eyes and Mind.